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Hand-made work

Carving in style of bas-relief - high-relief

–учна¤ работа в стиле барельеф - горельеф Good day!
Glad to welcome you on this website, dedicated to exclusive hand-made work - carving in style of bas- relief and high-relief.

Relief ( French УreliefТ from Italian УrelevoФ - to raise) is a sculptural technique.
There are different degrees of relief depending on the degree of projection of the sculptured form from thi field. It includes shallow relief or relieve stiacciado, where the plane is scarcely more than scratched in order to remove background material, and of course bas- relief and high- relief.

Bas- relief (French Уlow reliefТ) is a projecting image with a shallow overall depth on which all images are in low relief.
It is usually on monuments, coins, medals.

High- relief (alto rilievo) is where in general more than half the mass of the sculpted figure projects from the background.

Hand-made works, presented here belong to the free Ukrainian artist, Gorlovka, Donetsk region - Nesterenko Sergey Mikhailovich.

Portrait, Orthodox icons and crucifixes are taken for the basis of the works.
Tree species of high and medium hardness are used as the material. They are white maple, oak, aspen, nut, black poplar.
Decor and protection is stain with the elements of bronzing, waxing, varnishing glosse or matte (as customer wants).

All the works presented here are hand-made only from solid wooden array with the preliminary drying to 10-15 per-cent of relative humidity.

In spite of the huge sizes and height of bas-relief and high- reliefthread the master doesnТt use adhesive joints. So, all the works present the solid wooden array.

To learn in details with the masterТs works you can on page Examples of the works.
Please, pay attention that all the works presented here are available. Part of them has already found their owner and they are in private collections.
Work under the order is possible by prior arrangement.

To order the exclusive hand-made work you may use acceptable way that you can find on page Our contacts.
To ask a question, to write a review or to express your own opinion you can in Guestbook.

Hand-made work Ц is a long process (from 3 to 6 months), demanding high energetic costs and a special mental attitude, thanks to that all the works have positive energetic background exert considerable influence to the ownerТs mood, create home coziness, match to all the kind of interior.

Main page Examples of the works Our contacts Guest book

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